Residential Cleaning Services

From bedrooms to bathrooms we have every surface in your home covered. We will cover all surfaces from the light fixtures on the ceiling to the baseboards on the floor.

Kitchen Cleaning

We use mild cleaning products on clean every surface in your kitchen, ensuring that there will not be any chemical fumes, yet we will make sure that all areas are disinfected so you are safe from bacteria. Sinks will be scoured. Counters, cabinets, and appliance exteriors will be wiped down. Floors will be vacuumed and mopped.

Bathroom Cleaning

Cleaning your bathroom can be a time consuming chore that many just skim over. More than any other place in your home, bathrooms can harbor all sorts of germs and bacteria. We will clean and sanitize your bathrooms for you, leaving them fresh and sterile. All fixtures will be sanitized, cabinets will be wiped, mirrors polished, and floors cleaned. We will clean the grout with a toothbrush on your first cleaning. After that we will keep it maintained for you.

Bedrooms and Other Living Areas

All bedrooms and other living areas will be dusted. Floors will be vacuumed and mopped. Baseboards will be wiped as necessary. Mirrors and glass tabletops will be cleaned. The drab look of dirt will be removed so your home shines.

Office Cleaning Services

With our office cleaning services we will clean bathrooms, kitchen areas, break rooms, reception areas, offices, and cubicles. All surfaces including computer monitors will be dusted. Desktops and countertops will be wiped down. Mirrors and glass countertops will be polished. Floors will be vacuumed and mopped. Garbage and recycling will be removed.

Other Services

Kitchen Appliance Interiors

Although we do not include a thorough cleaning of the interior of any kitchen appliance as part of your cleaning quote, we would be happy to provide such services to you for an additional charge as you feel it is necessary.

Wall Cleaning

Whether it's a new home or you just want to refresh the look of your walls, our professionals would be happy to clean your walls for an additional fee.

Window Cleaning

Although we are not in the profession of window cleaning, we would be happy to clean the interior of your windows for you.

Blinds and Other Window Treatments

Window treatments can harbor dust that is often not noticed. For this reason, we provide a service which will gently wipe down blinds. We will also remove window coverings and do our best to shake out the dust. Generally we do not clean draperies.


We generally do not include basements in our quotes unless you specifically tell us that you want all or a part of your basement cleaned with each service. We would be happy to accommodate you if you would like your basement cleaned whether it be once a year or at every service. Just let us know what you would like help with, and we would be happy to do it.


Whether it be papers, toys, or anything in-between, our staff would be happy to help you to find an organizing solution that will work for you.

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